STEM Booths


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The Bug Station

.CSIR – CCMB, Hyderabad

Learn about the diversity of infectious diseases across humans and plants through fun demonstrations and activities.

TIFR, Hyderabad

Fun games and activities showcasing institute’s interdisciplinary approach in science and in understanding the world we live in.

Multiverse of the Eye

LVPEI, Hyderabad

This “experience centre” by LVPEI will allow you to enter the multiverse of the eye to help understand how human vision works. It includes 3D models of the eye, optical illusions, stimulation of eye disorders and various cutting-edge vision technologies.

DBT – Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD)

Basics of DNA Fingerprinting and DNA Diagnostics and their applications in an easy to understand fun format.

About Medicines Small and Large

Dr Reddy’s Institute of Life Sciences

In this exhibit you will be able to see Visual Exhibit of a Flow Chemistry Setup and Hands-on CRISPR based Activity in Molecular Biology.

Genomics Simplified


A display of preventive genomics products, DNA extraction workshop, and games like crosswords and word search. Attendees can participate in online games too by scanning the QR code.

Dr Reddy’s Foundation

Learn about how DRF is educating and skilling young people to fast track them towards better livelihood options.

Never ever scienceless

Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS)

The TSWREIS students at this booth have made an effort to recognise the issues in their immediate environment and have attempted to apply science to solve them. The students create simple, preliminary prototypes with the fewest resources at their disposal.

Solution Squad

Telangana Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Society 


This booth’s displays are extremely related to the theme, which is “Science in everyday life.” Students from TTWREIS have created prototypes to address common issues they see in their own communities using only the most basic resources.

Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet

HPS students and teachers will be showcasing exciting STEM projects, exhibitions, and games at their booth.


Who says Genetics is a tough nut to crack? The comics and stories at this fun booth will take you through the world of genetics. Fasten your ‘genes’ this is going to be a fun ride!

NeuroTechX India

NeuroTechX will be demonstrating to visitors their brain waves visually using an Open BCI Headset which will give them a glimpse of what BCI technologies are and how they work.

Wellness pod

Neurostellar Private Limited

This booth will host a demonstration of their wearable brain sensing technology that helps users quantify the levels of focus and relaxation with real time feedback on the same using sounds.

Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club, Hyderabad

At this booth, learn about how amateur radio works; how radio communication helps us in a wide variety of real-world applications.

Luma World

Play fun STEM games, take part in a beach clean-up simulation, and buy these games if you like them.

Neuroscience for all – Innovate with India

Fun hands-on science experiments and demonstrations related to Neuroscience and electrophysiology and much more


A Robotics, Innovation and Coding Experience Zone, his would include arenas and Workation where children will be able to experience Robotics, AI, IoT and Coding first hand.

AI Dance

In this awesome tech exhibit  AI will grade you based on how you enact dance steps that are shown on the screen.

AI art

In this fun technology-driven exhibit AI will draw based on your description and will help you get out of the artist’s block by completing art or converting art or suggesting art based on the initial sketch.

AuthorCafé Digital Infrastructure: Technology solutions to research management problems

Get to know more about AuthorCafe, a company that designs and develops digital workflow solutions to a number of critical problems where manual efforts become more than rote.

Cactus Communications

Learn about various services provided by Cactus Communications for the student and research community.


This booth will have a series of simple science demonstrations and hands-on activity with DIY tools and sensors. These will touch upon topics such as acoustics, electromagnetism, atmospheric pressure, ECG signals, and magnetic fields, and we’ll demonstrate the power of scientific data analysis tools such as Scipy which help extract meaningful information from signals.