Embark on an exhilarating journey at the India Science Festival’s science and tech booths! Experience the forefront of innovation with exhibits on AI, robotics, sustainability, biotechnology, and science storytelling, and many more! Immerse yourself in the future of technology, where virtual and augmented reality redefine our perceptions. Join us in celebrating the marvels of science and the boundless possibilities that shape our world!

The Grays that Matter : Shaping your Best Behaviours

Booth Facilitators: Spatika Jayaram – University of Cambridge, Shrutika Lokapure – IISER Pune 
What drives our behaviour? The answer lies in our brain, with its intricate neural networks playing a key role in shaping how we act. Remarkably, animals often showcase behaviors and neural processes comparable to those in humans, offering researchers valuable insights. Curious to peek into the mysteries of the brain? Come visit this booth for a fascinating sneak peek into the brains of animal models, such as microscopic worms and birds, and leave with a deeper understanding of the human brain and behaviour.

Key Features: Hands-on demonstration of worms under microscopes, video presentations of interactive tools with neural recordings and behaviours

Innovate, Automate, Elevate: the Power of AI and Robotics

Booth Facilitators: Deepali Bhangale, Kirti Wankhede, Rashmi Sapdhare, Ankit Grover, Pornima Undale – Saras Robotics
Ready for a tech adventure? Explore the wonders of robotics and AI at SARAS Robotics & Activity Centre’s booth. Engage with live demos of robotics kits, explore educational courses, and let the tech and education enthusiast in you thrive! Saras Robotics is dedicated to making the captivating world of robotics accessible to all, ensuring that everyone can discover and relish the excitement of innovation.

Key Features: Robotics and AI Demo

Experience the Future of Indian Robotics & Bionic Technology

Booth Facilitators: Llewellyn Dsa, Anil Nair – Robo Bionics

Robo Bionics is turning dreams into reality and wants you to be a part of it! Experience firsthand how technology is improving lives! This innovative Indian organisation pioneers the development of 3D-printed prosthetic hands with a sense of touch, seamlessly blending technology and healthcare to positively impact lives. Visit their booth and discover a whole new world of healthcare, where inclusivity for the disabled is becoming a tangible reality.

Key Features: Hands-on experience with Bionic Devices

Science Shop : STEM is Fun

Booth Facilitators:  Vaibhavi Parikh, Shilpa Damodar – Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre
‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’ Experience the joy of learning through hands-on engagement at the Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre (VASCSC) booth! Their innovative Teaching Learning Materials (TLM) comprise 250+ items designed to kindle curiosity and make learning enjoyable. Dive into an interactive world with games, puzzles, and demonstrative models such as Robotics kits, IoT kits, Arduino kits, PCB Designing kits, drone kits, and basic electricity kits. They are here to demonstrate that Science and Maths can be both entertaining and educational – join them in discovering the fun side of learning!

Key Features: The stall will display around 20+ science and math models during the event. It will also include STEM DIY kits and templates catering to various scientific concepts.

The Wonder Yonder Experience

Booth Facilitators: Nikitaa Sivaakumar, K Bhavana Varma – Wonder Yonder Research and Design Pvt Ltd
Here’s your chance to connect with science in a whole new way with the Wonder Yonder Experience! Wonder Yonder, a unique visual design studio, is dedicated to making science more accessible through the art of visual storytelling. Collaborating closely with scientists and researchers, Wonder Yonder brings complex ideas to life through engaging mmediums like storybooks and animated videos.

Key Features: The booth will showcase a diverse array of visually stunning creations, including illustrations, animated web pages, storybooks, zines, and comics. Their exclusive ‘Scientifically Sweet’ collection of zines offer a unique and enjoyable way to share the wonders of science with others, making them a perfect gifting option too.

 Efficiency is the Key with Robotics

Booth Facilitators: Dr Rengarajan Sheshadri, Guru Prasad, Raja, Nikita Bhoj, Shawn Crasta, Sandeep Parghi – AMIDC Automation Technologies Pvt Ltd

Step into the world of automation and explore the future scope for robotics at this captivating booth by AMIDC Automation Technologies Pvt Ltd and seize the chance to witness the Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in action! Watch in awe as the robots Sherpa Tug and Sherpa Lite showcase a whole new level of precision and efficiency, redefining the way we think about automation. This is your chance to witness the future in action – an experience that will leave you amazed!

Key Features: Witness the autonomous mobile robots in action.


Booth Facilitator: Anoosha Chandrashekar, Harsha Jagadeesh – Science Gallery Bengaluru
The Exhibition-in-a-Box is an exhibition format which brings key exhibits, programmes, and activities from Science Gallery Bengaluru’s PSYCHE and CARBON exhibition seasons to the India Science Festival. The PSYCHE Exhibition-in-a-Box explores themes around mental health, neuroscience, research ethics, and more through multimedia resources like games and Augmented Reality experiences. The  CARBON Exhibition-in-a-Box gives a peek into the ongoing CARBON exhibition season, exploring themes around the climate crisis, carbon in and around us, digital footprints, and more through engaging exhibits, interactive activities, and prompts for discussion. The carefully picked exhibits from both exhibition seasons come alive in a box offering a miniature gallery experience. Best suited for young audiences, the booth will help participants appreciate the interconnectedness of multiple disciplines. 

Key Features: Recreate and engage with the artists’ expression, and reflect on the politics of consumerism, psychiatry, and psychology. Re-evaluate your understanding of carbon, neuroscience, and its research. The box contains a build-it-yourself exhibit section and has a foldable design.

Counter Drone system

Booth Facilitators: Karan Goyal, Gaurav Kumar, Chirag Singla, Jitendra Singh, Rishabh Choudhary – Sharang Shakti
From capturing breathtaking aerial views to delivering packages to your doorstep, drones offer a spectrum of applications. However, did you know that there is a growing threat posed by the flying robots? From smuggling weapons to jeopardising security at vital locations like power plants, political rallies, and prisons, the challenges are real. Can counter-drone technology provide the solution to secure our airspace? Discover answers and creative solutions with Sharang Shakti, a innovative defense robotics startup led by recent IIT Delhi graduates, at their booth. Experience their ‘Counter Drone System’ in action, shooting a net to capture and stop any unauthorised drones in mid-air. Join them in exploring the future of airspace security.

Key Features: A drone interceptor (net-launching drone) in action.

Feeling Kibou: A Virtual Earth Emotions Experience

Booth Facilitators: Stefania Maggi, McKenna Corvello, Sebastiano Pocchi, Sourav Bhadra, Saket Rungta, Rahul Mridha, Jyoti Roy Mridha, Yogesh Chaudhari, Harshal Gedam, Akash Roy – Mochi4ThePlanet
Climate change is complex and so are the ways we feel about it. It is normal to feel different emotions when considering climate change. Even unpleasant emotions like anger or sadness can be put to good use when we know what to do about them. In this technology and VR-mediated experience, you will learn what climate emotions are, and what you can do about them. Also, you will immerse yourself in the evocative landscape of Kibou: The Guiding Light, a video game designed to improve awareness of climate emotions, nature connection, and youth mental health. 

Key Features: A Wheel of Climate Emotion digital game for visitors, a VR setup for immersion into the evocative landscape of the climate change-themed video game Kibou: The Guiding Light. Draws for eco-conscious prizes will be featured for attendees.

Sustainability Unwrapped: The Science Behind Your Shopping Bag and Other Everyday Products

Booth Facilitators:  Jai Warrier – Zero2Positive Consulting, Dr Pialy Ghanekar – Cell Savvy Group
Ever thought about the impact of your daily choices on the environment? Join Dr. Pialy Ghanekar from Cell Savvy Group and Jai Warrier from Zero2Positive Consulting as they unravel ‘the science behind your shopping bag and other everyday products at this booth. From cloth to paper to plastic, learn to make eco-conscious choices. Discover the impact of your habits on the environment. Critically evaluate everyday products and decide what sustainable consumption means to you. Gain insights into evaluating products based on sustainability metrics. Let’s make informed choices for a greener future!

Key Features: Three types of bags will be presented – plastic, paper, and cloth – and ask the audience which is most sustainable, and break down what sustainability means for a bag. Evaluate everyday consumption items like common foods, clothes, and transport choices.

DIY Neuroscience for People in a Hurry!

Booth Facilitators: Deepak Khatri, Bhawna Sehgal, Dikshant Dahiya, Shivam Khatri, Ritu Dhillon – Upside Down Labs
Explore the exciting world of neuroscience with Upside Down Labs through hands-on bio-physiological signal recording, processing, and application. Learn how to use your DIY Neuroscience kits to make a Human-Computer Interface and Brain-Computer Interface. Measure biopotential signals generated in your body (EMG, ECG, EOG, EEG) to create HCI/BCI applications like clicking photos with eye blinks (EOG), controlling servo claw using muscle (EMG), controlling music using brain (EEG), mood light synced with heartbeats (ECG) and controlling game using eye blinks (EOG). Join Deepak and team for an immersive experience, redefining your perspective on the dynamic interplay between the brain and technology.

Key Features: Exciting games like controlling a 3D-printed servo claw using muscles, controlling the chrome dino game using eye blinks, measuring your muscle strength, and listening to muscle signals. Sample projects built by students using our DIY Neuroscience kits will be displayed as well.

Make Your Own Colourful DNA Bracelets

Booth Facilitators: Dr Chandana Basu, Dr Garima Jain, Nandini Chilkam, Priyadarshika Pradhan – Genetiks4u and Banaras Hindu University (BHU)

Ever wondered what makes you unique? It’s the DNA. Learn about DNA while unleashing your creativity! Design a bracelet that reflects your unique genetic code. Join the team of BHU scientists at the India Science Festival, where they offer a fun and interactive learning experience by demonstrating how your DNA makes you YOU! Visit this booth to delve into the world of genetics. Take home your personalised creation, your DNA bracelet, proudly—a tangible reminder of the knowledge you gain!

Key Features: Take home bracelets containing beads symbolic of your traits, comics on genetics

What’s in Your DNA?

Booth Facilitators: Ananthapathmanabhan Mulleri Sasidharan, Debasrija Mondal, Esha Srivastava, Hiba Ali, Sagar S, Suguna Ganesh, Saveetha Meganathan – Tata Institute for Genetics and Society, Shweta Ramdas – Centre for Brain Research, Indian Institute of Science

What is DNA? How do we see DNA, touch it, and most importantly, read its sequence like a book? What do mutations do to us? In this booth, you will get to dive deep into the in-s and out-s of these questions, and think about the consequences of editing our DNA. Participants will see that DNA is in every living thing and is an actual physical entity. They will also engage with the concepts of what a mutation means, and what the consequences of gene editing for humans can be. A video providing a view of what people from different walks of life think and feel about genetics and gene editing will be showcased.   

Key Features: DNA extraction experiment, posters on human genetic variation and the Genome India project

Making Science Accessible to All

Booth Facilitators: Ameya Paleja, Gyaneshwari Raikar – Coffee Table Science
When we sit with our friends, we talk about movies, politics, and sports but not science. This is because scientific developments are not accessible to all. Coffee Table Science makes science accessible in an easy-to-understand language. The booth will allow participants to learn more about our website which covers topics such as space, health, our planet, and the future. Visitors will get their hands on science merchandise to show off their geeky side. 

Key Features: Hands-on science merchandise

Innovate Infinite: The AI Experience

Booth Facilitators: Abhishek Unnam – SHL

Dive into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence at our ‘Innovate Infinite: The AI Experience’ booth. Let students and participants immerse themselves in a hands-on journey with fun, interactive demos showcasing AI’s diverse applications. From learning through engaging activities like ‘AI Dance Lab’ to witnessing AI transform sketches into art, each experience highlights AI’s transformative power in art, communication, and learning. Engage in conversations with AI-Humans and join other curious science enthusiasts in exploring a future where technology seamlessly blends with human creativity.

Key Features: AI Dance Lab, AI art; learn about how AI mimics and enhances human interaction.

Mind Mela: An engaging and educational booth dedicated to Mental Illness Awareness

Booth Facilitators: Dr Reeteka Sud, Dr Vansundhra Teotia, Anushka Banerjee – Centre for Brain and Mind, NIMHANS

This booth will comprise interactive activities, brain games, and a behind-the-scenes look at stem cell research. Through engaging discussions, informative displays, and resources, these booth organisers from NIMHANS aim to create a holistic approach fostering empathy and support. Attendees can choose to interact by solving, creating, playing, expressing or just listening. They will leave the booth with a better understanding of mental health, promoting empathy and support within their communities. Students especially will take home some neuroscience learnings from the fun games we have designed.

Key Features: A Myth Busting Jeopardy Game; Brain Games – Play a game, Learn a Fact; Mental Health Resources and a look into behind the scenes of the NIMHANS stem cell research lab

Innovate, Transform, Transcend: India’s Power of Next-Gen Technologies

Booth Facilitators: Rahul Marathe, Nikhil Patil, Prajakta Sadgir, Shagun Garg, Prachi Santosh Dabi, Hemang Mohan – Tech Mahindra

This booth by Tech Mahindra will offer insights into the forefront of AI, robotics, and metaverse, providing a vision for the future of technology. The participants will experience live demos showcasing the practical applications and potential impact of these technologies. Also, networking opportunities with industry experts and innovators are an added advantage. By bringing together these forefront technologies, Tech Mahindra aims to inspire collaboration, creativity, and a collective understanding of the limitless possibilities.

Key Features: Live demos of the solutions showcasing the practical applications and potential impact of AI, robotics, and metaverse

Eco-Friendly Quantum Dots

Booth Facilitators: IISER Pune
Did you hear about the recent Nobel Prize in Chemistry recognising the discovery of Quantum Dots? Come and learn about the fascinating world of eco-friendly Quantum Dots of carbon, called carbon dots. Witness their fluorescence change as the sizes of these nanometre-sized particles vary. What are the applications and future of these quantum dot technologies? Get these answers at the booth presented by materials scientists at IISER Pune.
Key Features: Fluorescing Carbon Dots

The Essence of Compression: Unraveling the Fundamental Science of Compression Technology

Booth Facilitators: Anuradha Bihade, Mahesh Birajdar, Abhishek Kumar, Viral Patel, Pratapsinh Shelke, Mahesh Mane, Vinaya Sahasrabuddhe, Shreyas Joshi, Tushar Chavan, Anamika Kumari, Ankita Gupta, Nishant Wasatkar – Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited
Delve into the future of compression technology with live displays showcasing the seamless integration of artificial intelligence, featuring cutting-edge tools developed by Kirloskar Pneumatic Company. Navigate through the market landscape, exploring the various types of compressors available, each tailored to specific needs of industries like oil and gas, energy, power plant, pharmaceutical, mining application, ventilation systems, refrigeration, air conditioning, etc. This booth will shed light not only on the applicative aspects but also on the fundamental science behind compression technology. It’s a unique opportunity to grasp the essence of science and technology in action and asses your understanding through interesting quizzes.

Key Features: Hands-on sessions and live demonstrations; witness the intricate workings of screw compressors with 3D printed models.

Cartoon Sketch with a Scientist

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GMRT Booth

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Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd Booth

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