About Science in Focus (SIF)

Science in Focus (SIF) is the flagship science photography and illustration competition of the India Science Festival, designed to ignite the visual creativity of students, researchers, and professionals. In the 4th edition of the competition, we invite all science enthusiasts to explore pressing contemporary themes and convey their unique scientific insights through captivating images, illustrations, and science humor sketches. Tell us your compelling science stories and simplify complex ideas that words alone can’t do justice to. Let your creativity soar and contribute to a genre that not only enlightens but also inspires people to engage with science.


Introducing an exciting addition to Science in Focus: a new category for submissions! In addition to science photos, we now welcome your scientific illustrations and science humor sketches.

The top 30 entries will be evaluated by jury members in each category. The scores will be averaged out to determine the top 2 entries from each category, which will receive cash prizes.

Category A prizes

Category B Prizes

Science in Focus 2024 – 2025

We’re inviting entries in the following categories

Category A: Photographs of science (can include microscope images, telescope Images, photos clicked through camera and phone, etc.)

Category B: Illustrations and drawings of science (handmade or digital) (can include illustrations demonstrating scientific concepts, science humor-related sketches or artwork, etc.)

Deadline: 29 August 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can participate?

The competition is open for all to participate. You must have access to an Indian Bank account to participate.

Q. Do I have to be a professional photographer or science imaging expert to participate?

No, the competition is open to all.

Q. Do I need to have professional camera equipment to participate?

No, you can use any photography equipment, including DSLR, digital camera, mobile phone, light microscope, electron microscope, or telescope. Entries can also be submitted in black and white or greyscale.

Q. Will ISF get the copyright for my photograph/ illustrations?

No, the photographer retains the copyright of their entries. Neither FAST India nor ISF will claim copyright over the photographs.

Q. Can I enter a photograph/illustration that I have submitted for other competitions?


Q. Can I submit this photo/ illustration for other competitions?

Yes, if your photograph/image did not get selected among the top 30 entries, you are free to enter it in other photography/image competitions.

Q. Can I participate in teams for this competition?

No, only individuals are allowed to participate.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us at indiasciencefestival@fast-india.org