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From an alternate universe

Injuries, no doubt, are always gross. But imagine having to see your son fall off a tree(!) and find wires protruding out of the joints instead of a bone...or blood. That’s right, we got our minds blown off too with this exceptional story Motherboard by Melissa Maize, submitted as part of the science-fiction writing competition - Spin Your Science. No more spoilers though, head over to our blog page to find out how Emma and Alex’s story ends! If a glimpse of Motherboard has you on the edge of your seat, First Contact by Dilip Thosar hits even further home. The protagonist, sickened and in quarantine with COVID (sigh), fervently starts thinking that the pandemic is a broadcast signal by sentient alien civilizations to try to make contact with the human species. Hammering in codes, seeking patterns in the viral RNA structures, the protagonist discovers that…..(remember, nothing is far-fetched in a scifi story!) IT’S TRUE! The pandemic was, in fact, an attempt at contact by an alien species. We won’t spill all the beans now, so go ahead and check out the entire story on our blog.

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Of hair pins and road trips

Ever searched frantically for a hair pin and used your pen to tie it up instead? Well, you’ve just about tumbled onto the idea behind the rich and complex history of tool-use by the Nicobar long-tailed macaque - a research presentation by Jayashree Mazumder which won the second prize at our flagship event, Talk Your Thesis, last year. Turns out the Nicobar long-tailed macaques do with their tools exactly what we unconsciously do with our pens - use a common object for completely different purposes.

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