This poem was submitted as part of India Science Festival’s flagship science fiction writing competition, ‘Spin Your Science’.

That day,
The wind was sad,
The clouds were angry.
Trees were not bowing,
Bees stopped whooping.
The flowers dropped off,
Pitcher permanently locked off.

That day,
The shapes became shapeless,
The earth was nearly askew!
Seasons and time running in hurry,
Nature now had lost its worry.
Vultures eating grass, deers the flesh,
Oh no! What’s this mesh!

That day,
Humans plucked stars from the sky,
Children played with the moon.
Night became the day for all,
Aliens were actually on the call!
The atoms were clearly visible,
Impossible reactions got feasible.

That day,
It differentiated, it integrated,
It reduced, it introduced.

It oscillated, it fluctuated,
Theories of science bias stated.
It dusted everything it contains,
Life affected the laws it maintains,

That day,
All the uniqueness ended,
Universe met the adverse.
The dipoles weren’t able to radiate,
Instead, they started to pulsate.
I wasn’t able to sync,
Things which never ever blink.

That day,
Storage of my brain overflowed,
I cleared the cache, emptied the trash.
The computers were now thinking,
Surprisingly, robots were winking.
Life was now just a streak,
Everyone was living within its freak.

That day,
I decided to go somewhere else,
Where I could find peace.
But neither near nor far,
I didn’t even had my car.
Everything was spoiling,
Can’t predict, what was boiling!

That day,
I wanted the pain to be kicked,
Itself by nature’s choice.
Until I researched and enlightened,
Subjects that were now titaned.
I came to know nothing was uneven,
It was me who realised, now it’s seven!